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After delivering thousands of babies including multiple sets of twins, triplets, and even a set of quadruplets, Dr. Paul Thaxton offers the latest evidence-based medical education, technology, and preventive medicine possible to gynecology patients of all ages in a comfortable facility in Evans, Ga. Dr. Paul Thaxton and his staff are dedicated to providing a new level of attention for women of all ages ... compassionate, personal service that will redefine the patient experience in the Augusta area. Dr. Thaxton has been privileged to become part of the lives of many families, often caring for grandmother, mother and daughter at the same time. That level of trust is the inspiration for Dr. Thaxton's continued commitment to providing professional, consistent, convenient and compassionate healthcare at all times.


After delivering more than 10,000 babies in more than 30 years as an OBGYN, Dr. Paul Thaxton stopped delivering babies. By focusing his practice exclusively on gynecology, Dr. Thaxton is able to eliminate many of the problems created for patients by the appearance of new arrivals during regular business hours and the need to leave the office to be in the delivery room. He offers services for every stage of a woman’s life, from adolescence to aging with a focus on convenient and efficient care that values your time.


We have a different approach - Patient Focused Care. Every patient is unique, we never employ a generalized approach to patient healthcare. All Advanced Gynecology patients receive customized wellness care, tailored to their individual needs. Integrative medicine combines conventional treatment with long-term alternative therapies to build a truly holistic medical program.


Dr. Thaxton is board-certified and provides a full range of healthcare services to women through all stages of their lives - from puberty to child-bearing ages, and through menopause and beyond. We pride ourselves in providing high quality care in a personalized and comfortable environment. The compassionate personal service of our staff has redefined the patient experience in the Augusta are.

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